LI501 Update: From Theme 1 to Theme 2

The title of this blog post will probably only make sense to participants of LI501, the Online Teaching module I am currently coordinating so I may revise it in future to something clearer. But for now, it will suffice.

As I write this, we are just over two weeks into the course, and we have completed the first Orientation & Reflection theme. The video below gives a general picture of how things went and also sets the scene for the forthcoming theme of Discussion:

What are the areas for improvement?

  1. To be blunt, I don’t like how things look on Moodle! I sensed from a few of the students’ discussion posts that they too were struggling to perhaps find things and make sense of it all. I need to figure out a way to show fewer resources. Although this approach is not unusual in a MOOC, it is possibly overwhelming, messy and confusing for those unfamiliar with that format. While I did manage to combine a number of resources within the Discussion Learning Object, I feel there is still a way to go with the interface. I may yet incorporate this blog in some way.
  2. I need to make it clearer that students can contribute resources/ideas via Diigo
  3. To keep the focus on active learning, I feel I need to move away from the learning object approach for the next theme at least – I may create one for the Creating/Reusing Resources theme but will confirm based on how things go over the next fortnight. I am still concerned that there may be playback issues despite hosting the learning object on Dropbox (instead of Drive).
  4. I need to use a visually appealing way of presenting the task for the Collaboration theme (which is the third one of the series). Above all, I wish to make the the instructions for the collaborative activity around course design crystal clear. It is a complicated enough activity without adding any additional layers of confusion.
  5. I need to ensure that Module Facilitation is my top priority and focus my time and energy on that rather than on creating new resources. For this theme I particularly want to ensure that students critically consider what they read and hear so my challenge will be to create responses that probe what is said.

As I  write though, I can see that the first post of the Discussion theme about the online learning animal has just come in. And indeed another participant has tweeted about it. Hopefully that’s a promising sign of things to come.



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