About this Blog

My name is Clare Gormley and I work in the Teaching Enhancement Unit at Dublin City University (DCU).  I’ve chosen the name ‘Learning Rush’ for this blog. Why so, you may wonder? Well there are three main reasons for it:

1. I want to use this blog to help reflect on my own professional learning and contribute to the conversations around teaching and learning in higher education in some small way. I’m hoping it will provide a way of helping me make sense of what I read and experience. And for me, the best kind of learning brings a bit of a rush. It’s that Eureka moment when you get to the bottom of a niggling problem, discover a highly relevant and useful piece of research, or help someone to develop a learning activity that they think will really benefit students. Writing a blog I hope will encourage all that.

2.  Who isn’t in a rush these days? Packed schedules, floods of new technologies and tools, and pressures to do more in less time. The bottom line is that so much professional learning is rushed. It has to be, and sometimes that’s ok. In fact, I believe that for most of us, it’s the only way of getting things done. So sometimes I’d like to talk about learning ‘in a rush’.

3. If I do go ahead and blog regularly, I’d like the blog to reflect not just my academic learning but also the learning that happens beyond the doors of DCU – sometimes mostly also a bit frantic and rushed!



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